Dudley®, America’s premier softball company, was founded in 1938 by George Dudley Full.

In 1965 Dudley becomes the first company to make a cork and rubber center softball. This quickly became the number one ball of choice.

In 1984 Dudley launches the “Thunder” series of softballs.

In 1990 Dudley develops its first polyurethane core softball for improved quality, consistency and durability.

In 1997 Dudley introduces the patented Thunder® ZN which is the first composite cover softball providing great feel and playability.

In 2003 Dudley introduces the patented Thunder ® Advance multi-layer softball bringing unmatched durability and performance to softballs.

Currently Dudley has more fast pitch NFHS state adoptions than any other company in the softball industry. They are also the ball of choice across several associations and requested by more of the top softball players across the country. Dudley is a trademark of Russell Brands, LLC

Since 2015 DUDLEY offers for the first time in Europe their range of softballs for practice and game.