CARBONTEK – the revolutionary shoulderpad

After years of development and extensive field tests in the USA, this revolutionary shoulderpad will become available now also in Europe from March on.

The most characteristic feature of Carbontek is that the shoulderpad consists of two parts:

1.The protective Compression Vest

The inner compression vest is made of automotive grade foam which performs 20% better than standard EVA foam and can be used also without the exoskeleton for non-contact days. The design holds the padding close to the body for maximum range of motion and is machine washable. The vest is available in 6 sizes for a perfect fit.

2. The hard shell EXOSKELETON

The hard shell body is made of Carbon Fiber material and extremely light.
The exoskeleton has a narrow front design and molded to fit the athlete’s body allowing for better range of motion.
It attaches firmly on the compression vest by built in Velcro stripes.

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