About 2inOne

VestShoulder Pad // Carbon // Padded Separate Vest // Maximum Mobility

As the name implies, the innovative 2inOne shoulder pad by MM combines a padded vest with an outer shell. With its extended length, the padded vest protects the player’s ribs and reduces the impact - nevertheless offering a snug fit. Worth mentioning: the vest can be worn separately during non-tackle practices, protecting the player, and giving him the benefit of staying used to the equipment.

The outer shell is available in two versions: carbon fiber and polyethylene. Due to the extremely light weight and narrow front shape, it allows the player’s maximum range of motion. With its patented buckle closure system (military grade) and being hand-made in Italy, the carbon fiber model is the premium version of the 2inOne.

Additionally, a matching kickplate is available.

Visit the 2inOne Website: www.two-in.one