You’re part of a team. Whether you’re on field or in the stands, your colors are part of your identity. You wear them. Stand by them. Bleed them. Thats the heart and soul of isplack.

Your colors are now sweat proof and smear proof, yet come off easily with a soapy washcloth. Fan tested, athlete proven with no harmful chemicals.


isplack, high performing black and custom colored eyeblack, designed for the toughest athletes and the fans who unite with their team, stays on strong during the battle, and wipes clean when the job is done.


Long before today’s modern uses of eyeblack, ancient cultures were painting themselves and each other for deep and passionate purposes. Evidence of face painting is among one of the oldest traditions of which we know.

Face painting was an undeniable dedication to tribal affiliation, love of family, and team unity. War paint was an integral part of rituals, preparation for battle and celebration. 

It's who we are, it’s what we’ve done for centuries, it's what we do now... unite in color.


Sports have become a huge part of today’s society. From parents driving their kids to practices and games, to the whole world coming to a standstill during the FIFA World Cup, it’s a culture that permeates the entire globe. Fans rally around their favorite teams, while teams themselves are like a brotherhood or sisterhood.  No one can wait for the next big game!



How isplack began is pretty simple – one of our founders was driving through Boulder, CO. At a traffic light, two girls – softball players – crossed the street in front of his car on their way to their high school softball game. They had eye-black painted on their faces, in the shape of a 7. Athletes wear eye-black to protect against the sun’s glare, right? So, why then, were these girls wearing eye black at 7:30 at night? The light bulb went off in our founder’s head – eyeblack isn’t just about glare reduction, it’s about team unity and bonding. It’s why his daughter brought yellow-colored sunscreen to her lacrosse team’s tournament – the girls spent as much time painting their team name – in their team colors – on each other’s face, as they did doing shuttle runs and star drills. A united team has fun. A united team has confidence. And more often than not, a united team wins.

So, that’s the story behind isplack

isplack is for teams and their fans.  isplack hits the core of our being – allowing us to be a part of a greater cause. It's not rocket-science, we simply want to share the experience of uniting as a team.